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What You Should Do.

  • Use recommended and Authorized Hardwood Cleaners.
  • Vacuum, sweep or dust mop your hardwood floor once a week, or more, if necessary. The vacuum head must be brush or felt.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
  • Use interior and exterior doormats at entrances to collect dirt and moisture and prevent them from being tracked onto the floor, causing damages.
  • Area rugs are recommended in front of kitchen sinks, at all pivot points and within high traffic areas. The rugs must be made of a breathable material to prevent moisture entrapment.
  • Place runners and area rugs (with slip-resistant backings) along high traffic areas.
  • Keep animal nails trimmed to prevent scratches on the finishing.
  • To prevent surface damage, avoid rolling heavy appliances and furniture on the floor. Felt Pads is required for all the furniture.
  • Replace hard, narrow furniture rollers with wide rubber rollers.
  • Keep the relative humidity in your home between 34% and 57%.
  • Protect your floor from direct sunlight.

Hardwood simply Fix Tips.

Spots Caused by Food, Water or Animals

  • Apply a Recommended Floor Cleaner to a clean soft cloth.
  • More stubborn spots may require additional cleaning with mineral spirits, followed by cleaning with Recommended Cleaner.
  • Rub the area to remove the stain or spot.

Grease/Lipstick/Crayon/Ink Spots/Rubber Heel Marks

  • Rub the area to remove the stain or spot.
  • If stain remains, rub with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits and follow by cleaning the area with a Recommended Cleaner.

Deep Scratches/Gouges

  • Individual planks, strips or parquets that are heavily gouged or damaged can be replaced by a professional flooring installer.
  • If needed, the entire floor Should be refinished at least 2 coats Finishing. | Toscana Wood Floors 2012 © | Designed by Goto Service ©