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When we carry out an installation, it is usually because your existing floor is not suitable for refinishing or because you are hoping to change the look of your home. But for whatever reason, we install all floors based on individual needs. We offer many styles of wood flooring, straight boards planks, which come in different sizes, widths and thicknesses.

Installations and how to choose them

There are three main types of flooring installations:

  • Floating - this is a popular option because it is both stable and forgiving. It is not attached to the sub-floor and, once put down, will not creak. It is a quick and efficient installation method, and cost-effective ( Engineered Wood Floor and Laminate Floor). floating

  • Nail down (stapled down) - this is a modern alternative to traditional techniques, and used primarily with engineered plank wood, strip wood or solid wood. Installation is quick and easy but it can be noisy when walked on. It is reasonably quick to lay and relatively expensive than the glue down, which means extensive subfloor concrete preparation (relating to moisture barriers below grade level). nail-down

  • Glue-down - This technique is used primarily with Engineered Wood Floors. It can be quieter to walk on than a stapled down installation, with less creaking whit normal movement of floor (Expansion and Contraction). It is a stable floor, which sounds and feels solid. However, installation can be time-consuming, but less costly than Nail Down. glue-down

Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing.

If your Hardwood floors is showing a bit OPAQUE or even if you just want enhance your floor looking and long lasting quality. That one description is basically a named Sand and Recoating. And is required when the scratches, blemishes or stains reach up to you wood floor grains, and the re-coating only is not enough to hidden the floor defects. - Two Coats Finishing: Is the most popular done, it is the least to make your floor protected and make your wood pattern to be shown the more it could. -Three Coats Finishing: When special care is required, generally recommended to enhance the looking and to prevent your floor from mostly scratches and small accidents. ( That One is Highly advised for people who has kids, dogs or even high traffic through in and out your house.

Wood Flooring Repair and Restoration

A hardwood floor is timeless and beautiful, eco-friendly and durable. But however sturdy it is, it will still suffer from inevitable wear and tear. And wood has many enemies - dust, dirt and grime build-up, ink spills, chewing gum, scratches (from moving furniture around and high heels) and, of course - the chief culprit - water.

Save yourself time and trouble doing a wood repair.

So, don’t try to do it yourself, let us take care of your Wood Floor, for anything more serious or complicated, it's worth considering employing professionals. Having experts carry deal with the repairs will save you a lot of time and trouble. It will also give you peace of mind, because you will know the work will be carried out quickly and professionally.

Here at Toscana Wood Floors are experienced in all kinds of repairs. We can repair water-damaged floors, and remove a range of stains and bad smells.

We can put a stop to any annoying squeaking on your floorboards and also replace entire planks of wood, when necessary. We use top-of-the-line machinery and all of our crews are well-trained, polite and efficient. | Toscana Wood Floors 2012 © | Designed by Goto Service ©